Thank you Father through Jesus Christ for placing President Trump in office to give all of us a little more time to look in a mirror, realize we are totally depraved, capable of any heinous act and realize we need a Saviour.

We are born, live to worship you and die to rise again one day and be with you for eternity. There is not one accomplishment, artist, humanist, right

or left, achievement, or good deed that will remain. They will all be destroyed and burned in the fire. The only remnant that will remain are the crowns the righteous will have to lay at your feet.

There is just one more true believer you are waiting for so no one will perish. 

Thank you for your mercy and forgiveness.

The Truth Will Set You Free

There are only two genders, created by Jesus, male and female.

There are no special interest groups, except the disabled.

There is no such thing as a hate crime. These are all made up laws by human taint which no one has to obey.

Good news!

Someday everything will be ok !

No Further Communication

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