We Don’t Mind Having Data Scraped

Make note, we this date state that data will be charged at two thousand dollars per kB.

We don’t think anyone minds working for free but we need to be paid for any data used by any entity scraping metadata.

You must pay us advertising royalties on all money collected in data mining.

 Don't Talk To Police

The link above will take you to the best 46 minutes you'll spend in your life. Just so you know. It is a debate between a "successful lawman" and a prominent lawyer. They have equal time. If this doesn't want you to at least hear the cop half, you don't care about anything. The cop and lawyer/professor do these together. The cop should give you the incentive to watch. In his career he made over 3000 arrests. He had to go to court two or three times during that period because the person either confessed or got so twisted around, he was found guilty of so many add on's and lies he was convicted. Nowhere is there a statute of law that says, cops have to lie. If you believe that, the cop needs help or an insanity plea. I don't hate cops. They are people. Unfortunately, some aren't as smart as the one in the vid. They lose and get bitter then get into more trouble than ever dreamed of. One followed me for six years. He cried like a baby to everyone who would listen, libeled and committed defamamation of character which cost me a lot, not in money but in people I thought were moral and intelligent.

   What Would You Do Since Fear Of Your Life And Elder Abuse Are Not Treated Lightly in NYS

April 19, 2017

You are sitting comfortably in bed.
All of a sudden all alarms and video recorders start doing their thing.
You look at the front video, a guy in a gray hoodie is working the deadbolt, rolling tumbler lock, bump proof and the bottom handle lock, rolling tumbler, bump proof, both digital but not connected to the internet.

You hit the record button. The other system is recording on motion already. The guy has passed multiple, no trespassing signs, posted land by owner. He has breached a locked fence with authorized personnel sign. I told the guy to leave immediately. I was in fear for my life. Meanwhile the 240 db alarms were going off on the side and back of the house. Turning them on and off, I found another person trying to get in my back window with a Glock drawn.

I was in fear of my life. I was ready and able to use all I had to if necessary, to stop both. They were already home invaders so the law in NYS, if I survived would put them in prison forever.

Cops in prison. Yes, that's right, cops without probable cause or an arrest warrant as home invaders. The guy in back tried to climb a light fence made for growing peas. Naturally, he fell backwards, broke a piece of the porch off with a large nail sticking up.

All was on video tape. I sent this to Mayor Deemie. After this there were more video alarms. Two high brass were crossing the street, thought better of it, turned, got back into their cruiser and left. Apparently the guys breaking into my home, plain clothes, plain car, one wounded were cops. They had to be fired for that or not. Police abuse is so much on the rise it's a game of who's the bad guy?

Look for a book, seven years of work, backed by a Supreme Court Justice.


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