World Breaking Headline

What use to be the norm of 99.9% of what comes out of a mouth has reached 100% lies, 24/7

Since we believe there is nothing more than 100%, in careful consideration, we feel no further revisions are necessary on September 9, 2018. All documents have been read, all media has been digested, watched, analysed and re-checked for the original source.

The last revision of this issue and edition has completed it’s course, there is no more to be revealed. We as a body having ended any further revisions until God stops time and Eternity begins. 

Any further revisions are moot.

The Truth Will Set You Free


Don’t Talk To Police

A lawyer / professor and a former cop do seminars together. The both agree. The cop shows, given equal time why all people are fools.

Don’t Talk To Police - The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Make - 45 Minutes

President Trump - please cut the people out who are tearing our government down.

You are clear to put voice stress analysis on each and every high and low level staff as you see fit. These people are going to make America history.

By God through Jesus Christ placing you in office we gained time just before we were to be turned into ashes.

Look to de-militarize local law enforcement before it is too late.

“Son, I’ve Come To Take You Home.”

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