World Breaking Headline

What use to be the norm of 99.9% of what comes out of a mouth has reached 100% lies, 24/7

Since we believe there is nothing more than 100%, in careful consideration, we feel no further revisions are necessary on September 9, 2018. All documents have been read, all media has been digested, watched, analysed and re-checked for the original source.

The last revision of this issue and edition has completed it’s course, there is no more to be revealed. We as a body having ended any further revisions until God stops time and Eternity begins. 

Any further revisions are moot.

The Truth Will Set You Free


Don’t Talk To Police

A lawyer / professor and a former cop do seminars together. The both agree. The cop shows, given equal time why all people are fools.

Don’t Talk To Police - The Best Investment of Time You’ll Ever Make - 45 Minutes

“Son, I’ve Come To Take You Home.”

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